Our Diversity Is Your Strength

Incredible range, both musically and geographically

Hand-picked music composers, producers, artists, directors, supervisors and editors from around the world. And thanks to this diversity, we’re able to deliver every style of music in the world.

Choose your genre. Choose your composer. Hear the difference custom music can make in any project, no matter the size.

Custom Scoring Examples

Sync Daddy also offers Sonic Logos, 18,000+ titles for licensing, 1,500+ sound design elements, music supervision, editing and 360° administrative services.

Sync Daddy is led by Teresa Wolf, CEO

Teresa majored in piano performance, composition, sound synthesis and music in media at UCD. She has written for A24, CPB, BS&P, CBS, Warner Brothers, CNN, Discovery, Disney Worldwide, 300+ themes for ESPN, SportsCenter, ABC, Monday Night Football, BCS, NBA Playoffs, TBS, FOX, PBS, IBM, Animal Planet, TPI, Ford Foundation, NASA and others.