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And hear the original scores they’ve already created for the world's largest studios and brands, like Disney, Apple, Warner Brothers, NIKE, Netflix, Marvel, FOX, Hallmark, CBS and others (Custom Scoring Examples). Then select your personal composer to enhance your project — be it a feature, TV show, TV commercial, web broadcast, sports program, videogame, or anything else.

Choose your genre. Choose your composer. Hear the difference custom music can make in any project, no matter the size.

If you have a regular need for custom music, we can help you build your very own catalog. Each package includes cutdowns, alt versions and stems. That means you’ll always have the perfect soundtrack at your fingertips—no matter the mood, no matter the situation—without having to start from scratch. And keep in mind this is music no one else will have. That you won't hear anywhere else. And that you own, outright, so there are no royalties.

PLUS access to OUR catalog.

Each package also comes with priority licensed access to 18,000+ music titles and 1,500+ trailer-quality, theatrical-sound-design elements. Our carefully-curated catalog has everything from hip-hop beats to movie scores, rock songs to country ballads, dance mixes to ambient sounds, horror themes to lullabies, and indie rock to orchestral soundtracks—electronic soundtracks, too.

You get all this for one affordable fee. And if you've ever commissioned a custom score, you know why we highlighted the word “affordable”.

If you need a one-off, we do that, too!

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