Here's a typical 360 All-inclusive package:

  1. Sync Daddy custom scores the main theme, including cut downs, bumps and closing credit titles, using our roster of over 200 US and international composers.
  2. Sync Daddy custom scores 1 gratis cue, 90 seconds in length per episode for use in building the production company's very own, unique music library
    - production company uses the custom cues in their other productions
    - production company and Sync Daddy co-own the publishing
    - Sync Daddy exclusively administers the publishing
    - we will also pitch your custom cues around the world for other projects
    - you get a piece of the publishing business action
  3. Sync Daddy does custom scoring - direct to library
    - production company owns the publishing
    - we assist in building your production company's very own, unique music library
    - typical direct to library project is the production of 15, wholly unique, custom scored titles in styles you request
    - we will also pitch your custom cues around the world for other projects
  4. Production company receives unlimited access to 15,000 pre-cleared, unique titles in the Sync Daddy catalog for each project/episode
    - preferred catalog pricing
    - sound design catalog of 1,200 pre-cleared titles is also included for each project/episode
    - custom sound design available upon request
  5. Sync Daddy does the music supervision for each project/episode
    - for episodic, we spot each scene with designated editors and producers
    - we edit the music in our catalog, as necessary, for cues in each episode
    - on request, we negotiate music clearances / licensing for 3rd parties
    - for episodic, we custom curate the music bins, including renewal seasons,
    for the specific sound needed in each production
  6. We complete and submit the Q sheets for each episode
  7. We address network music notes with replacement selections for each episode
  8. For each project/episode, we handle the contractual relationships with composers and artists
  9. For each project/episode, we manage the composers and artists and produce the music
  10. For episodic, the fee goes down as the amount of episodes increases, including renewal seasons
  11. Sync Daddy gives you unrivaled customer support with ultra fast turnaround

In order to be more efficient with our initial approach to your needs, please consider sharing information and materials related to your project, such as music/project budget, deadlines, reference video, and planned distribution.