SyncDaddy for Artists

Our artists earn revenue from licensed placements in various projects and from music downloads. We may also work together to create custom music scores.

To help you understand our agreement, we came up with this summary of some of the issues in plain English. This summary is not a legal document. Obviously, you'll want to read the complete agreement, but here's what we think may be some important highlights:

We split gross receipts 50/50 with our artists. You get the performance royalties and we get the publishing royalties in licensing deals. You own your music, (including the masters), not us. We are non-exclusive. Place your music with us and anywhere else you like.

Please submit only music which is 100% free and clear. You must own or control any and all music you submit, including all of the master recordings. All co-writers must also sign the agreement.

Non-exclusive Music Publishing Agreement and Terms of Use.

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"By checking the "I AGREE" box, I am acknowledging that I agree to all of the terms and conditions in the Non-exclusive Music Publishing Agreement and Terms of Use., which I have read and understand, and I am electronically signing the agreement, thereby creating a legally binding agreement between me and Sync Daddy LLC"